Nice to Meet Ya!

My name is Braxton Wallis and I would be so stoked to document any and all the things for you. I was born and raised in Mississippi before moving to Chicago to pursue my dreams. I love Jesus, my wife, food, friends, The 1975, film, movies, and my two dogs Ophelia & Penelope. If we have any of these things in common then shoot me an email so we can be friends! I can't wait to chat!


Growing up in Mississippi, you get the unique privilege to learn perspective from an early age. You learn very early to appreciate things for what they are instead of forcing them to be something they aren't. This surrounded me at all times given the place I grew up in. MS doesn't try to be Snowy Colorado, Sunny California, or Bustling New York. It's simply Mississippi. What this all taught me is that the same mentality can be applied to weddings. The social media age has pressured us into over glorifying everything for the sake of likes and one of the unfortunate residuals of that is your wedding day. I am committed to documenting your wedding day authentically and true to what it is. Just like my home state, I am a firm believer that everyone's day is unique to them and should be documented that way. If you hire me to document your day, then rest assured that you will be able to relive your day time and time again just the way it happened.